The Legacy of Seven Spires

The Ruiminations of madmen

Dear Diary,

End First Session

Day 5: The PCs reach boatmurdered and find Augor. They ask what to do about the note they have found inditing the mayor in nefarious schemes. Before they learn too much though, Augor is spooked by a vial of a strange, black substance. He leaves immediately for the Mountain Home, without saying why. Next, the PCs find Tahl, who makers her home in the shifter slums. She offers to lead the PCs to the Shifter Slums and meet with Ssasseen, Shifter Queen.

Unsurprisingly, the mayor was out of town when the PCs returned.

Day 4: The players run into the Druids of Tamaroth grove and explain about the goblin situation. They are given a token with which to communicate with the druids should the need arise. The druids mention their rising worry about an impending kobold siege.

Day 3: The PCs stumble upon a goblin camp shortly after they wake, deserted some hours before. It seems troublesome indeed that Black Blade raiding parties have pushed so far northwest. The PCs make a note to tell the druids what has occurred. Soon after, they reach Ertz Cavern.

At Ertz Cavern, a kobold shaman disguised as a child tricks the party, and accompanies them into the cavern. After giant boulders, kobolds, broken bridges, underwater streams, zombies, kobold shamans, sound orbs, more kobolds, minotaurs, and a boss fight, the players leave, laden with treasure and items. They head home to Boatmurdered with the Totemic Mask of Sprixa, only slightly damaged by acid. They have evidence which supports the belief that Mazzer Rolig is a greedy, heartless, bastard.

Day 2: During the night, the PCs attempts to sneak into The Brothers Three’s room, finding what seems to be a map fragment. After revealing it to Augor, the PCs are no further ahead, and take their beds. When they wake up, they set off towards Ertz Cavern. When they make camp that night, a group of druids warns them about the dangers of the forest, and the ban on fire. The PCs spend a cold night in the woods before continuing on the next day.

Day 1: The PCs arrive in Boatmurdered, rain drenched and tired. They make their way to The Broken Stool, a bar run by Podicker Ram. The barmaid Telia meets their needs and gives them some basic information about Boatmurdered. Shortly after their arrival, The Brothers Three, Felix, Nar, and Trent, enter the inn and begin drinking. After terse conversation, the players discover a kobold infested area, known as Ertz Cavern.

The PCs are interrupted by Tahl, advisor to the mayor. They are led through town to a richly styled keep, and meet with Mazzer Rolig. They are ordered to clear Ertz Cavern of the kobold infestation. After finding out that Augor can create a map to get them to the caves, the players meet and drink with the friendly dwarf. They recognize and respect his dwarven constitution.



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